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Tuesday September 18, 2018
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"I have an eye for things that people like."

Robin Anderson sells home furnishings old and new at Vintage Home Bazaar.

"I buy and sell things that people like. I have an eye for it. I love doing this!" exclaims Robin Anderson as she shows off Vintage Home Bazaar, her 1,500-square-foot shop of vintage, antique, primitive, mid-century modern, and a small sprinkle of new home furnishings. Located next to Four Seasons Sunrooms Kitchen and Bath, the former salon now displays chairs and couches, rugs, lamps and chandeliers, paintings, sculptures, and scads of other eye-catching decor--a signed Herman Miller white Formica table with a tulip base, a few

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"I have an eye for things that people like."
Robin Anderson sells home furnishings old and new at Vintage Home Bazaar.
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