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Sunday December 05, 2021
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portion of Taylor White's mural on S. First St., Ann Arbor

Taylor White's First St. Mural

I Spy: November 2021

Russell Nichols spotted last month's image along the new bikeway at 200 S. First St.--or, "as we old-timers think of it, the Kiwanis Building," says Dan Romanchik. Barb Tester remembers Saturdays with a "line of customers outside the door waiting to enter at the stroke of 9." It's now home to AI company Clinc, and "the walls have been transformed into this very

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Marketplace photo
Fake Ad: November 2021
Kerrytown Gets a New Kitchen Store
And Found finds its third incarnation
The EV Pioneers
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Culture photo
Edgefest at 25
Celebrating innovative movements in jazz
Another Opening, Another Show
Once again, stage folks can say "hello" to audiences-in person
The II-V-I Orchestra
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Community photo
Taylor White's First St. Mural
I Spy: November 2021
A Death on the West Side
A retired Ann Arbor police officer recalls the grim pursuit of a serial rapist turned killer.
High Water
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News photo
Charter Changes
In a record turnout, voters approved best value purchasing and ranked-choice voting
Sustainable Energy Utility
Ann Arbor is moving toward a bold green-energy plan that's never been tried before
Schlissel's Deadline
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