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Fake ad for Cabins by Innisfree

Cabins by Innisfree

Fake Ad: November 2020

by Jay Forstner

From the December, 2020 issue

"Wow, thank you for introducing me to Yeats' lovely poem!" wrote frequent Fake Adder Janine Shahinian. "The 'teeny-tiny, fine print of the Fake Ad is certainly hysterical, but the discovery of Yeats' poem is just what I need right now ... How I long for my own special places where 'I shall have some peace there' if I were only allowed to travel to them!"

Shahinian's was one of 148 entries that correctly identified the Fake Ad for Cabins by Innisfree on page 51 of the November issue. The previous winner's name, "Frye," was hidden in the attribution below the poem: "Fr. Yeats'..." although several entries pointed out that "Frye" means "free" in German. We'd normally check online to see if that's true, but it's late, we're drinking wine, and we have our slippers on, so we'll take their word for it.

"As soon as I saw the ad, I took a photo and texted it to my sister, who used to work for a camp in northern Michigan named Innisfree, one of her favorite places on earth," wrote Sonia Zawacki. "We mused about finding enough wattles to build one of these structures, and then both laughed as we wondered, what the heck is a 'wattle?!' Google to the rescue. [What? You didn't have wine and slippers?] Very clever (and not too difficult, thank you!) and a much needed distraction for us both, during these kinda crazy days, as we walked down memory lane together."

"BTW, what are wattles?" asked Mitchell J. Rycus. Here goes: A wattle, according to Merriam-Webster, is "a fabrication of poles interwoven with slender branches, withes, or reeds and used especially formerly in building."

BTW, what are withes?

Iris Wang won our drawing and is taking her gift certificate to Zingerman's.     (end of article)

[Originally published in December, 2020.]


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