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Monday September 20, 2021
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Fake ad for Arborville restaurant

Arborville Restaurant

Fake Ad: April 2021

by Jay Forstner

From the May, 2021 issue

The Fake Ad for April is at the top of page 38, 'Arborville Restaurant,'" wrote the always-informative Andrew Yagle, one of 172 clever Fake Adders who spotted the ad. "Last month's winner's name, 'Silberholz,' was hidden in 'the silver wood of the Old German.' Not to mention Sampson Park. That ad brought out some memories. My Dad loved the Old German, and I had several childhood birthdays at Bimbos (loved the peanuts and pizza, not the beer--I was too young for it)." Sampson Park stood in for Burns Park in many of Alfred Slote's beloved young adult novels set in a semi-fictional Arborville.

Several of the entries were in German; all were brilliant, in a Teutonic way.

Our winner was Martha Friedlander, the Fake Ad Czar's high school freshman biology teacher. While it's tempting to say she taught the Czar all he knows about biology, her husband also taught the Czar in high school. And the Czar took biology in college. And the Czar had a brief dalliance with his college professor's daughter. So let's just say that between them, they taught the Czar all he knows about biology.

Friedlander is taking her gift certificate to the Common Grill.


To enter this month's contest, find the Fake Ad in the May issue and enter using the address at the bottom of the Back Page. The ad always contains the name of the previous month's winner in some form.     (end of article)

[Originally published in May, 2021.]


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