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Saturday November 28, 2020
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A&P Cleaners mural

A&P Cleaners Mural

I Spy: August 2020

by Sally Bjork

From the September, 2020 issue

"I spy ... the gorgeous/nostalgic art that's been hidden under the outside facade of the Running Fit store on East Liberty!" writes Bethany Grey. "I hope they keep [it] exposed." "I love the vintage typography!" says Alison Wang. "I'm often intrigued when these old buildings get renovated and hidden signs emerge," says David Karl. "Makes me wonder what else is hiding around town," writes Andy Bayer.

From saloons and gun shops to dry cleaners and athletic wear, the corner of E. Liberty and Fourth has quite a history to reveal. Louisa Griffes was particularly interested to learn from that the buildings were multistory before a fire. It was after that when they were clad in enameled siding, covering up the A&P Cleaners mural--as recently discovered during renovation.

"I did an exciting double take!" writes Andrea Mayerstein Ludwig about August's photo. "My parents, Dave & Katherine Mayerstein opened A&P 1 Hour Dry Cleaners [there] in the early 1950s. The A&P meant Always & Perfect, for they took pride in providing quality service in 1 hour." In the 1800s, however, "machinery hummed on this block of Liberty," including three gun makers, relays local historian Susan Wineberg--adding that John Haupt's Saloon, the original three-story building at the corner, "no doubt catered to" the workers.

We received forty-five entries this month. Elizabeth Nolan is our random drawing winner; she'll enjoy her $25 gift certificate at Zingerman's. To enter this month's contest, use the image and clue on the September Back Page, then email your answer to     (end of article)

[Originally published in September, 2020.]


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