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Cat as plow-spotter

Cat as plow-spotter
Recently the Cat in the Hat assisted Manchester Public Works with snow removal. When interviewed, Cat said, "People work hard to keep their homes looking nice. After so much snow, the edge of the road gets hard to see--I'm just helping the snowplow driver spot the edge of the road, I am." Plow-Spotter is a time-honored position in a road crew that dates back to the Roman Empire--when Roman legions plowed roads in the Alps, crossing the edge usually meant catastrophic results. "We do our best to keep the trucks on the road and off the grass," a spokesperson for the National Association of Drivers of Snowplows said. "A 10-ton truck leaves pretty bad tire ruts and the plow cuts up the grass pretty bad. Sometimes we just aren't sure where the edge is." NADS applauded Cat's efforts. "Volunteers like Cat fill the void left by the shortage of plow-spotters," the spokesperson said. "Residents are happier, drivers are happier and we don't waste gas, plowing lawns."

By M Difenderfer on January 29, 2009.

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