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Monday June 21, 2021
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Any deer

Any deer
In this time of disheartening news, I wanted to share a story. This past fall, my husband was working in our garage and heard what seemed like a baby crying. He saw a newborn fawn in the middle of the curved road in front of our home. This is apparently is not unusual as the doe leaves to locate food for her young, but unfortunately this was clearly not a good location. Realizing he should probably not touch the fawn, he used a pair of gloves to move it out of harm's way. He first called called the Humane Society, who suggested he call the Washtenaw County Sheriff. About 15 minutes later, a deputy pulled into our driveway and they jointly put the fawn on the deer path nearby. As they were placing the fawn, the doe returned and made it apparent that she was back to collect her fawn. The deputy and my husband were pleased to have a happy ending! END OF STORY.

By Janet Torno on July 28, 2020.

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