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Wednesday September 28, 2016
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Neighborhoods - Pittsfield

Pittsfield is unique among Ann Arbor neighborhoods in being anchored by a condo complex. Laid out in 1943, the 422-unit Pittsfield Village Condominiums feature winding streets and sweeping parklike common yards on a total of 64 acres, housing a mix of seniors and families. The many children in the adjoining Forestbrooke area enjoy a neighborhood pool and swim club. Forestbrooke and the nearby Darlington subdivision, which have ample yards, contain Sheffler Park and the Rosebud Nature Area.

The established, affordable neighborhoods that make up the Pittsfield school area are surrounded by commercial strips lined with big box stores, fast-food chains, and a variety of international shops that serve a diverse population.

Block after block of small starter homes surround the school. Kids also are bused from the shady streets of the 1960s-era neighborhood off Golfside between Woodside and Ellsworth. The Silverleaf subdivision near Golfside and Ellsworth is composed mostly of 2-story homes. The University Palisades subdivision off Ellsworth closer to Carpenter offers ranches, colonials, and split-colonials.

Pittsfield also draws students from the 336-unit Ridgewood Apartments on Carpenter and the adjacent 121-unit Coachville mobile home community; the boyhood home of Iggy Pop, it now has a significant immigrant presence.

Pittsfield students attend Scarlett Middle School and Huron High.

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