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Wednesday December 07, 2016
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Community Television Network

Community Television Network (CTN)

Free service of the City of Ann Arbor provides local information and news programming, and makes all facets of video and media production and distribution available to city residents and local area nonprofit organizations. CTN operates four channels on the Comcast Cable system. Channel 16, GovTV, provides live and taped coverage of over 200 Ann Arbor government meetings. On Channel 17, A2TV, CTN provides the training and equipment, and residents and local area nonprofits produce programs that share opinions, ideas, information, and entertainment, all without censorship. Channel 18, EduTV, offers Ann Arbor Board of Education meetings and educational programs from the Ann Arbor Public Schools, Ann Arbor District Library, and other educational institutions. Channel 19, CitiTV, showcases local events, arts, sports, and news features. CTN programming is also available online at Office hours: Mon.-Fri. 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

2805 S. Industrial Hwy. #200 [map]
(734) 794-6150

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