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American Red Cross 24-Hour Emergency Services

Emergency assistance-food, shelter, clothing, and mental and health services-to disaster victims; worldwide communication links to military personnel regarding immediate family emergencies. International tracing and contact services to those affected by disasters and war.

(800) 774-6066 (24 hours)

Ann Arbor Office of Emergency Management

Provides information about emergency and disaster response within the city, including severe weather, chemical emergencies, hazardous material spills, family disaster plans, and emergency preparedness for seniors and schools. Manages the Washtenaw County Volunteer Community Emergency Response Team. Maintains outdoor warning siren system., (search for Emergency Operations).

(734) 794-6980


Register to receive automatic phone messages, texts, or email about evacuations, flooding, chemical spills, boil water advisories, and other emergencies in Ann Arbor.

(734) 794-6980

Traumatic Events Response Network (TERN)

Mental health related crisis intervention, for survivors of natural disasters, accidents, violent crimes, or other traumatic events.

Call Washtenaw Metro Dispatch, (734) 994-2911 (24 hours), and request a "TERN" response.

Washtenaw County Emergency Operations Center

Issues wireless emergency alerts, (WEA), to mobile devices, coordinates disaster preparation, response, and public information and warning; manages local homeland security programs; leads Washtenaw Metro Dispatch. Register with to receive county notifications. For official information during an emergency, tune to WEMU (89.1 FM).,
2201 Hogback [map]
Emergency: 911. or (734) 994-2911

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