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Friday July 25, 2014
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Private Schools

V indicates that the school offers care for younger children before and/or after normal school hours. Enrollment figures from the 2013-2014 school year. Tuition figures for 2013-2014. Many private schools also offer preschool programs; see listings under Child Care & Preschool Programs.

Ann Arbor Academy

111 E. Mosley [map]
(734) 747-6641

56 students in grades 4-13 (13th year bridge program to college or work). Meredith Schindler, director. For students with divergent learning styles, learning disabilities, Asperger's, high-functioning autism, and AD/HD. Multisensory techniques. Summer program. $16,000/yr., 40, D5

Ann Arbor Adventist Elementary School

2796 Packard [map]
(734) 971-5570

18 students in grades 1-8. Sally Smith, principal. Bible-based Christian education and outreach programs. $2,500-3,500 (depends on church affiliation); sibling discounts., 41, F7

Ann Arbor Christian School

5500 Whitmore Lake [map]
(734) 741-4948

132 students in grades K-8. Wayne Sit, head of school. Interdenominational; integrates Christian faith with learning. $4,824 kindergarten; $7,824 grades 1-5; $8,544 grades 6-8; sibling discounts and tuition assistance available.,

Ann Arbor Hills Child Development Center

2775 Bedford [map]
(734) 971-3080

Programs for parents and toddlers, preschoolers, junior kindergarten, kindergarten, grades: first & second. Individualized programs with emphasis at elementary level on literacy, math, and core subjects. Ramelle Alexander & Beth Randall co-directors., 43, F6

Christian Montessori School of Ann Arbor

5225 Jackson [map]
(734) 332-9600

75 students in pre-K-6. Tara Schmitt, head of school. Full Spanish, art, gym, and music programs in a Christian environment. Montessori-certified teachers. Full day $10,250. Half-day preschool $7,100; contact for toddler rates. Morning care $30/week with requested yearlong commitment; extended day until 5:30 p.m., $55/week with yearlong commitment. 44, A4

Clonlara School

1289 Jewett [map]
(734) 769-4511

K-12 programs "recognize each learner's curiosity, strengths, interests and talents as the foundation of his or her educational experience." Home Based Education Program (680 enrolled), and Campus Program (40 enrolled, student-teacher ratio 1:8). Chandra Montgomery Nicol, executive director. See website for tuition., 45, E6

Daycroft Montessori Elementary School

1095 N. Zeeb [map]
(734) 662-3335

126 students in grades K-6. Diane Mukkala, head of school. $12,100 kindergarten; $13,490 grades 1-6. Hours 8:15 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Enrichment classes before and after school; summer programs. V 46, A3

Emerson School

5425 Scio Church [map]
(734) 665-5662

380 students in grades K-8. Jerry Loewen, head of school. Programs for gifted and academically talented students. Grades 1-5 $17,000; grades 6-8 $18,500. Summer camps., V 47, A7

Father Gabriel Richard Regional Catholic High School

4333 Whitehall [map]
(734) 662-0496

550 students in grades 9-12. Brian Wolcott, principal. College prep. $9,300., 48, H2

Go Like the Wind Montessori School

3540 Dixboro Ln. [map]
(734) 747-7422

Grades K-9. Doug Collier, principal. Montessori education with interdenominational Christian classrooms. Montessori-certified teachers. $12,200 grades K-6; $13,000 grades 7-9. Financial assistance for qualified students. Summer programs., TT, 49, I2

Greenhills School

850 Greenhills [map]
(734) 769-4010

556 students in grades 6-12. Carl Pelofsky, head of school. College prep. $20,100 middle school; $20,500 high school., 50, H4

Hebrew Day School of Ann Arbor

2937 Birch Hollow [map]
(734) 971-4633

70 students in grades K-5. Hadar Dohn, head of school. Multiage classrooms in 1st/2nd and 3rd/4th. General studies and Hebrew immersion/Judaic studies program. After-school care in association with the Jewish Community Center. $12,815 kindergarten; $13,835 grades 1-5., 51, E7

Life Learning Community

806 Airport Blvd. [map]

Twenty-nine students in grades K-12. Christian blended learning. $7950/year.

Little Lake Learning Community

3257 Lohr [map]
(734) 972-9549

7 students in grades K-12. Alex Husted (Momo) community coordinator. Democratic education community in which children participate as equal members.

Michigan Islamic Academy

2301 Plymouth [map]
(734) 665-8882

200 students in grades pre-K-12. Fayzeh Madani, principal. Montessori preschool and kindergarten. Full-time Islamic school. $5,050 pre-K and K; $4,600 grades 1-12; sibling discounts., 52, F3

The Rudolf Steiner High School of Ann Arbor

2230 Pontiac Tr [map]
(734) 669-9394

100 students in grades 9-12. Dr. Sian Owen-Cruise, coordinator. Waldorf education. $15,900., 53, E3

The Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor-Lower School

2775 Newport [map]
(734) 995-4141

250 students in grades pre-K-8. Peggy Wilson, coordinator. Waldorf education. Pre-K: $3,300 two mornings; $3,830 two full days. Pre-K or kindergarten: $5,070 three mornings; $5,890 three full days; $7,940 five mornings; $9,570 five full days. Grades 1-8: $12,800., 54, C2

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School

2270 E. Stadium [map]
(734) 821-2200

380 students (preschool-grade 8). Julie Fantone, principal. Parishioners's fees: $4,830 full-day kindergarten; $2,450 half-day kindergarten; $4,830 grades 1-8 (one student). Out-of-parish fees: kindergarten and grades 1-8 $7,530; $3,780 half-day kindergarten (one student). Preschool rates vary., V 55, F6

St. Paul Lutheran Elementary School

495 Earhart [map]
(734) 665-0604

270 students in grades pre-K-8. Bradley Massey, principal. Half- and full-day kindergarten. Call for tuition; sibling discounts. Financial assistance available., 56, G5

St. Thomas the Apostle School

540 Elizabeth [map]
(734) 769-0911

250 students in preschool-grade 8. Theresa Marshall, principal. Roman Catholic teachings, Spanish program for all grades, weekly Mass. Parishioners: $5,300 K-8. Others: $7,450 K-8. Sibling discounts. Half- and full-day preschool., 57, D4

Spiritus Sanctus Academy

4101 E. Joy [map]
(734) 996-3855

175 students in grades pre-K-8. Sister John Dominic, principal. Roman Catholic teachings; full academic program. $5,305; sibling discounts., 58, H1

Summers-Knoll School

2203 Platt [map]
(734) 971-7991

89 children in grades K-8. Joanna Hastings, head of school. Multi-age classrooms for bright, gifted, and creative children. Programs during vacation breaks, including summer camp. $15,230 grades K-4; $16,750 grades 5-8; sibling discounts., 59, F6

Veritas Christi Catholic High School

P.O. Box 2167, AA, MI 48106
(734) 747-8298

Grades 9-12. Richard Nye, founder/president. Roman Catholic high school for special needs students. Tuition: $18,200. 60, E7