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V indicates that the school offers care for younger children before and/or after normal school hours. Enrollment figures from the 2015-2016 school year. Tuition figures for 2017-2018. Many private schools also offer preschool programs; see listings under Child Care & Preschool Programs.

Ann Arbor Academy

1153 Oak Valley [map]
(734) 747-6641

70 students in grades 4-13 (13th year bridge program to college or work). Meredith Schindler, director. For students with divergent learning styles, learning disabilities, dyslexia, Asperger's, high-functioning autism, and AD/HD. Multisensory techniques. Summer program. $17,250/yr with limited scholarships available., 40, D8

Ann Arbor Adventist Elementary School

2796 Packard [map]
(734) 971-5570

18 students in grades 1-8. Sally Smith, principal. Bible-based Christian education and outreach programs. $2,500-3,500 (depends on church affiliation)., 41, F7

Ann Arbor Christian School

5500 Whitmore Lake [map]
(734) 741-4948

200 students in grades pre K-8. Wayne Sit, head of school. Interdenominational; integrates Christian faith with learning. Pre-K fees vary; $4,867 kindergarten; $8,721 grades 1-5; $9,513 grades 6-8; sibling discounts and tuition assistance available., 42, D1

Ann Arbor Hills Child Development Center

2775 Bedford [map]
(734) 971-3080

Programs for parents and toddlers, preschoolers, jr. kindergarten, kindergarten, and grades 1 & 2. Ramelle Alexander & Beth Randall, co-directors. Individualized programs at every level with emphasis at elementary level on literacy, math, and core subjects., 43, F6

Christian Montessori School of Ann Arbor

5225 Jackson [map]
(734) 332-9600

Ages 3-9. Laura Bengel, head of school. Individualized Montessori education in a non-denominational Christian environment. Montessori-certified teachers. Monthly rate $1,177. Summer programs, hot lunch, enrichment classes, (physical education, Spanish, art, and music), on 17-acre campus. 44, A4

Clonlara School

1289 Jewett [map]
(734) 769-4511

K-12 programs "recognize each learner's curiosity, strengths, interests and talents as the foundation of his or her educational experience." Chandra Montgomery Nicol, executive director. Off Campus Program (680 enrolled), Campus Program (40 enrolled, student-teacher ratio 1:8), and Online Program. Campus K-2 yearly tuition $6,000, grades 3-5 $8,000, grades 6-8 $11,000, high school $15,000. See website for online and off-campus tuition costs., 45, E6

Daycroft Montessori School, Zeeb Campus (K-8)

1095 N. Zeeb [map]
(734) 662-3335

115 students in grades K-8. Ed Hollinger, interim head of school. Kindergarten $15,190; grades 1-8 $16,980. Hours 8:15 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Low student to teacher ratios. Before-school care and after-school enrichment programs. Summer, V, 46, A3

Emerson School

5425 Scio Church [map]
(734) 665-5662

375 students in grades K-8. John Huber, head of school. Programs for gifted and academically talented students in science, world languages, art, music, physical education, computers, and library. STEAM Arts & Innovation Center. Kindergarten $16,550, grades 1-5 $19,795; grades 6-8 $21,525. Summer camps., V, 47, A6

Father Gabriel Richard Regional Catholic High School

4333 Whitehall [map]
(734) 662-0496

567 students in grades 9-12. Chris Dotson, principal. Education based upon Catholic principles and traditions. College Prep. $9,981/yr., 48, H2

Go Like the Wind Montessori School

3540 Dixboro Ln. [map]
(734) 747-7422

Grades K-9. Colleen Carlson, head of school. Montessori education with interdenominational Christian classrooms. Montessori-certified teachers. $13,000 grades K-6; $14,000 grades 7-9. Financial assistance for qualified students. Summer program, enrichment classes on 40 acre campus with nature trails., V, TT, 49, I2

Greenhills School

850 Greenhills [map]
(734) 769-4010

544 students in grades 6-12. Carl Pelofsky, head of school. College prep. 2016-17 tuition is $21,950 for middle school students and $22,450 for upper school students., 50, H4

Hebrew Day School of Ann Arbor

2937 Birch Hollow [map]
(734) 971-4633

Grades K-5. Jennifer Rosenberg, head of school. Multi-age classrooms in grades 1-2 and 3-4. General studies and Hebrew immersion/Judaic studies program. $14,595 kindergarten; $15,595 grades 1-5., V, 51, E7

Life Learning Community

806 Airport Blvd. [map]
(734) 545-7000

35 students in grades K-12. Christian blended learning. $7,950/year., 52, D8

Little Lake Learning Community

3257 Lohr [map]
(734) 323-4522

Grades K-12. Democratic education community in which children participate as equal members., 53, D7

Michigan Islamic Academy

2301 Plymouth [map]
(734) 665-8882

230 students in grades pre-K-12. Fayzeh Madani, principal. Montessori preschool and kindergarten. Full-time Islamic school. $6,400 kindergarten tuition. $5,300 grades 1-12; sibling discounts. 54, F3

The Rudolf Steiner High School of Ann Arbor

2230 Pontiac Tr. [map]
(734) 669-9394

120 students in grades 9-12. Dr. Sian Owen-Cruise, high school coordinator. Waldorf education. $18,820., 55, E3

The Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor-Lower School

2775 Newport [map]
(734) 995-4141

350 students in grades pre-K-8. Peggy Wilson, lower school coordinator. Waldorf education. Grades 1-8 tuition: $15,240/yr., V, 56, C2

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School

2270 E. Stadium [map]
(734) 821-2200

405 students (preschool-grade 8). Julie Fantone Pritzel, principal. Out-of-parish tuition: $4,230 half-day kindergarten; $8,130 grades K-8 (one student). Discounted rates for siblings and in-parish families., V, 58, F6

St. Paul Lutheran Elementary School

495 Earhart [map]
(734) 665-0604

288 students in grades pre-K-8. Robert Burgess, principal. Half- and full-day kindergarten. Call for tuition; sibling discounts. Financial assistance available., V, 59, G4

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School

540 Elizabeth [map]
(734) 769-0911

250 students in preschool-grade 8. Tim DiLaura, principal. Roman Catholic teachings, Spanish program for all grades, music education, weekly mass. Parishioners: $5,700 1st-8th. Others: $7,400 1st-8th. See website for Kindergarten rates and sibling discounts. Half- and full-day preschool., school.stthomasannarbor.orgV, 60, D4

Spiritus Sanctus Academy

4101 E. Joy [map]
(734) 996-3855

175 students in grades pre-K-8. Sr. John Dominic O.P., principal. Roman Catholic teachings; full academic program. $6,472; sibling discounts., 57, H1

Summers-Knoll School

2203 Platt [map]
(734) 971-7991

90 children in grades K-8. Walter Landberg, head of school. Small class size, multi-age classrooms for bright, gifted, and creative children. Programs during vacation breaks, including summer camp. Tuition: $16,270 kindergarten; $18,330 grades 1-4; $19,500 grades 5-8. Need-based financial aid available., V, 61, F6

Veritas Christi Catholic High School

(734) 645-1643

Grades 7-12. Charles (Chip) Clearwater, principal. Roman Catholic high school for students with special needs. 62, E7

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