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Tuesday April 24, 2018
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Financial and Administrative


301 E. Huron, Larcom City Hall, 5th floor [map]
(734) 794-6500

This division of the finance unit is managed by Karen Lancaster. The office oversees the city's accounting, auditing, payroll, and grant services, and provides citizens with information on the city's financial condition. A2OpenBook is an online tool designed to disclose all City of Ann Arbor expenses in a transparent, simple format, and helps citizens track the annual budget planning process and final outcomes.


301 E. Huron, Larcom City Hall, 5th floor [map]
(734) 794-6530

This division of the finance unit, headed by David Petrak, determines the assessed and taxable value of all property for property tax purposes. The office keeps assessment and ownership records of properties, online at

Property owners who disagree with their annual assessments may appeal to a city council-appointed board of review. A three-member board hears appeals once a year for at least four days, starting the 3rd Mon. in March. Residents may address the board in person; nonresident owners, seniors or homebound people may mail their appeals to the assessor's office. The board has the authority to decrease or increase any assessment. The board may also grant a poverty exemption, which must be renewed annually, to homeowners who meet specific income levels and other requirements. Anyone who purchases a home must fill out a property transfer affidavit (available at the assessor's office) within 45 days. Homeowners who both own and occupy their property may fill out a principal residence affidavit to obtain a lower tax rate. Businesses that are opening or closing should contact the assessor's office about personal property taxes.

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Finance Administration

301 E. Huron, Larcom City Hall, 5th floor [map]
(734) 794-6500

Chief financial officer Tom Crawford and his staff are responsible for coordinating budget development, strategic planning, city bonding, and economic development, and providing analytical support for other service areas.


301 E. Huron, Larcom City Hall, 5th Floor [map]
(734) 794-6500

This division of the finance unit, managed by Colin Spencer, is primarily responsible for ensuring the City's procurement policies and procedures are being followed. The Unit also provides surplus property disposition and general and administrative support in the preparation, reconciliation, and reporting of the city's procurement of goods and services.,


301 E. Huron, Larcom City Hall, 5th floor [map]
(734) 994-2833

The treasurer is responsible for customer service, risk management, parking referees, banking, and management of the city's debt and investment portfolios. Bills for property taxes, parking fines, utilities, and invoices may be paid at the customer service center at City Hall, 301 E. Huron; at drop boxes inside and outside of City Hall; by mail, and online. Taxes may also be paid at some local banks. Parking tickets may be contested in writing to the parking referee at the above address; in person; or online at (click "Services," then use the "How Do I" pulldown and select "Contact"). The Parking Referee Information Line is (734) 794-6549. Anyone who wishes to file a claim against the city should call the risk management office at (734) 794-6570. Claim forms are available on the city's website,

Property taxes are billed twice a year, in July and December. From July through February, residents may pay property taxes online at using a checking account, savings account, or (for a 2-3 percent fee) credit/debit card. The city property tax rate for a primary residence was $42.1757 per $1,000 of taxable value in July 2016 and $5.5945 per $1,000 in December 2016. Other property was taxed at a rate of $48.9220 per $1,000 in July 2016 and $12.3406 per $1,000 in December 2016.

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