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Monday June 25, 2018
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Blind Pig

208 S. First St. [map]

This local club features live music most Wed.-Sat. and occasional other nights, 9:30 p.m.-1:30 a.m. (unless otherwise noted). Also, occasional early shows, usually 7-10 p.m. Cover, dancing. Advance tickets sold at the 8 Ball Saloon (below the club) and at


June 1: Chuck Ragan

Veteran northern California postpunk rock 'n' roll singer-songwriter. Openers; Nick Ciolino, a Hamtramck postpunk rock 'n' roll one-man-band, and Timmy Reynolds, a Redford alt-country singer-songwriter. $15.

June 2: Oren Levin

Local pop-folk singer-songwriter Opener: Becca & the Fishes, a local rock quintet fronted by Becca Fisher. $7-$10.

June 2: Ann Arbor Music Center

All ages admitted. Performances by student bands. No cover. 5-8 p.m.

June 6: Naked Shark

Local psychedelic funk blues rock jam band. Openers: Dark Serenity, a local hard-rock trio, and Conspicuous Bystanders, a Lansing rock 'n' roll quartet fronted by vocalist Jenna Roark that says its music sounds "like Amy Winehouse died when a Led Zeppelin crashed on Black Sabbath." $5-$8.

June 7: "Tarantino Party."

Dancing to recorded music from the soundtracks of Tarantino films. All invited to dress up at a Tarantino character. $3 (free admission before 11 p.m.).

June 8: Marcy Playground and Local H

Double bill of 2 veteran Midwestern alternative rock bands. Marcy Playground is from Minneapolis, and Local H from Chicago. $25.

June 9: "Let's Go Crazy: Prince Dance Party."

With 3 DJs: Dante LaSalle, Scotty D, and DJ Psycho. $5 (before 10 p.m., free).

June 13: Tequila Deer

Ypsilanti metal-inflected pop-punk quartet. Openers: You Rest, You Life, a Detroit pop-rock quintet, and The Real Propaganda, a Romeo punk trio. $10-$13.

June 14: The Toasters

Veteran American ska band whose music is in the tradition of bands like the Skatalites, the Specials, and the English Beat. Opener: Day Jobs, a Detroit pop-punk party band. $12 ($14 at the door).

June 15: Chirp

Local jazz-inflected progressive funk-rock quartet. Openers: Flexadecibel, an 8-piece soul-inflected funk-rock band from Muskegon, and Ma Baker, a local funk-rock quartet. $7 ($10 at the door).

June 16: Wild Savages

Local hard-rock band. Opener: Prude Boys, a local garage rock trio. $7-$10.

June 20: Mark Lavengood

Multi-instrumentalist and singer- songwriter who's best known as a member of Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys. Opener: Fireside Collective, an Asheville (NC) progressive bluegrass quintet.

June 21: "Fuzz Fest V."

June 21-23: With 30-minute sets by 11 different area heavy rock bands each night, $10 (under age 21, $12) cover per night. 8 p.m.-1:30 a.m. Tonight: Tart, Lavamoth, Visitors Vstrs, Superthing, Hydropark, Lizerrd, Black Irish 313, Hordes, Warhorses, Vapourbile, and Ladyship Warship. June 22: Red Stone Souls, Bubak, Cruthu, Kommander, The Lucid Furs, Slumlord Radio, Krillin, King Under the Mountain, Lay It Down, Caveman & Bam Bam, Detroit Electric, and Ladyship Warship.

June 22: "Fuzz Fest V."

June 21-23: With 30-minute sets by 11 different area heavy rock bands each night, $10 (under age 21, $12) cover per night. 8 p.m.-1:30 a.m. Tonight: Red Stone Souls, Bubak, Cruthu, Kommander, The Lucid Furs, Slumlord Radio, Krillin, King Under the Mountain, Lay It Down, Caveman & Bam Bam, Detroit Electric, and Huldra.

June 23: "Fuzz Fest V."

June 21-23: With 30-minute sets by 11 different area heavy rock bands each night, $10 (under age 21, $12) cover per night. 8 p.m.-1:30 a.m. Tonight: Timmy's Organism, Scissor Now, Wiccans, Human Skull, BoneHawk, The Cheetahs, Attalla, Ryan Allen & His Extra Arms, Voyag3r, Album, and Temple of the Fuzz Witch.

June 27: The Doozers

Detroit indie rock quartet. Openers: the Akron indie rock bands Three Legged Chairs and Funeral Proposals, and the local indie rock band Seaholm. $5-$8.

June 28: Thunderbuck Ram

Ypsilanti rock 'n' roll trio. Openers: Funkwagon, a Burlington (VT) funk-rock band , and Orphanage, an Ypsilanti ambient band.

June 29: Young Pioneer

Brighton (MI) alternative rock band. Openers: the Grand Rapids alt- pop quartet Valley Girl, the Lansing-Chicago rock duo Vandalay, and the Blissfield alt-pop-punk quartet Inner Circle Avenue. $8-$10.

June 30: Matthew Dear

Punchy, upbeat techno-pop band fronted by Dear, an inventive Detroit musician, on vocals and computer. $16 ($18 at the door).

July 5: Paddlebots

High-energy Michigan progressive soul-pop duo. Openers: Pajamas, a local pop-rock jam trio, and Melophobix, a Grand Rapids reggae, rock, and funk septet. $8-$11.

July 6: The Sugar Clouds

Detroit psychedelic folk-rock quintet. Openers: the local psychedelic- pop quartet Januzzi Watchmen, a Kalamazoo postpunk Americana quartet Jake Simmons & the Little Ghosts, and the local alternative hard-rock band The Lowercase. $7-$10.

July 7: Sugarpulp

Chicago psychedelic pop-rock quartet. Openers: Devon Rae, a pop- rock singer-songwriter from the Bronx, and Les Wintergrass, a Detroit rock band. $5 ($7 at the door).

July 10: Rhyta Musik Rhyta Musik

Balkan dance party with this local 8-piece Balkan brass band whose music is sprinkled with New Orleans funk flavors. Preceded at 8 p.m. by dance lessons. 8:30 p.m.-midnight.

July 11: Stonecrest

Suburban Detroit emo-punk band. Openers: the local indie rock quartet The Doozers, the local pop-rock sextet The Roundabouts, and the Detroit pop-punk trio Heroes of Charlotte. $5-$8.

July 12: Zilch

Detroit pop-rock garage band. Openers: the Detroit rock postpunk band Werewolf Jones, the Detroit goth band Ghost Realms, and the Detroit alternative postpunk pop band, Astra Belladonna. $7-$10.

July 13: The Unsane

Veteran NYC trio that plays an abrasively metal brand of grunge rock that in its heyday drew favorable comparisons to Killdozer and the bastards. Openers: Child Bite, a veteran Ferndale postpunk art-rock band, and WOMB, a Detroit hardcore quintet. $14 ($18 at the door).

July 14: Cult Heroes

Pioneering local punk band led by vocalist Hiawatha Bailey that's been riding its own rock 'n' roll maelstrom 4 decades. Openers: The Rats, a Detroit garage rock trio, and Haflife, a Detroit postindustrial electro-funk band. $10-$13.

July 17: "Ron Asheton 70th Birthday Celebration."

A lineup of punk and postpunk luminaries celebrates the legacy of the late Ann Arbor guitarist and songwriter, a founding member of the Stooges. Peformers include Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, Mike Watt of the Minutemen, J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr., Mark Arm of Mudhoney, Don Fleming of Gumball, Mario Rubalcaba of Rocket from the Crypt, Jennifer Herrema of Royal Trux, and others TBA. $35 ($40 at the door).

July 18: Vincie D. & the Sensations

East Lansing indie rock band. Openers: the Downriver postpunk blues-rock singer-songwriter The Mad Hatter, the East Lansing psychedelic rock trio Day Sleeper, and the local indie pop-rock singer-songwriter Johnny Posada. $5.

July 19: D.O.A.

Seminal Vancouver hardcore trio. Openers: the NYC postpunk surf guitar quintet The Turbo A.C.'s, the Detroit Misfits-inspired punk quintet Rebel Spies, and the Detroit oldschool punk trio Lily Livers.

July 28: Junglefowl

Ypsilanti fuzz-rock duo. Openers: the Grand Rapids punk-rock trio AntiGhost, the local stoner rock trio Electric Huldra, and North by North, a Chicago rock 'n' roll duo that plays an infectious mix of garage pop and prog rock, $7-$10.

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