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Sunday July 13, 2014
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Body, Mind, & Spirit

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October 2012
 6:30 p.m.  Free! 

Fit4Baby Grand Opening FREE Demo Class: Stroller Strides Ann Arbor.

  community member   < less Stroller Strides is now offering Fit4Baby!

Fit4Baby is a program designed to strengthen the body for all the changes it will experience during
pregnancy. The class includes cardio, strength,
flexibility and balance training. Fit4Baby is
designed to accommodate all stages of
pregnancy and various fitness levels.
We are celebrating our new location at the Lamaze Family Center by having a free class demo plus a party! Join us for a FREE Fit4Baby class, prizes, refreshments and meet a community of new moms.
For more info or to RSVP check out our website:
Lamaze Family Center, 2855 Boardwalk. Free. [map]
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 7-9 p.m. 

Great Freedom Balanced View: Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth.

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Balanced View Video Meeting 7:00 p.m., immediately followed by a Clarity Call at 8:00 p.m. For more information about Great Freedom, visit
Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth, 704 Airport Blvd, Ann Arbor, MI 48108. Donations accepted. Rob Michalowski at 734-255-0163. [map]
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 7:30 p.m. 

"Get Your Back Back": Michigan Feldenkrais.

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Does your "bad back" keep you from being active? Does back ache or pain get in the way of you living life to the fullest? In this class series, you will learn gentle, yet effective movement patterns that exercise your brain and stimulate your body to relax and re-organize. You will learn to elicit an effortless support from your spine that often gets obscured by excess tension and less-than-ideal posture. In short, you will get your back back so you can enjoy life with more comfort, ease, better posture, and more energy.
The class is based upon the Feldenkrais Method - a gentle, buy very effective mind-body-movement method that is well-suited to dealing with back discomfort. In this class we will emphasize the benefit of well-organized movement and the importance of how we move and how we use our body.
No prior experience with the Feldenkrais Method is necessary.
$15 per class or buy a class card. Series runs through October.
Harmony Yoga, 1955 Pauline Blvd, Suite 100B. $15. 734.646.9368. [map]
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October 2012
 12:05 p.m. 

Pelvic Health & Awareness: Michigan Feldenkrais.

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This series will use gentle, integrated movement sequences along with breathing and imagery to help you develop greater control and awareness of your pelvis, hips and pelvic floor.
These movement sequences can help with:
• Back pain
• Hip pain (hip replacements)
• Bladder control
• Constipation
• Balance
• Recovery from abdominal, hip, and prostate surgery
• Recovery from childbirth
Register in advance.
Core Grace Pilates, 211 South Fourth Ave, Suite 1B. $90. 734.646.9368. [map]
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 5:30 p.m. 

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Class: Michigan Feldenkrais.

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In September and October, we will explore Feldenkrais lessons for the feet and feet.
Hands and feet will be the overall theme. Lessons will:
• help you create soft, flexible feet
• organize your feet for better support and more power
• connect the hands and feet to core power and support
• use movements of the hand to bring a relaxed quality to the entire self
Useful for a variety of foot, ankle, hand, and wrist problems.
The hands and feet are richly represented in the body image. It will be a fascinating process to explore how working with the extremities has myriad effects on the rest of oneself.
As with all my classes, I will provide access to audio recordings if you wish to practice the movement lessons between classes.
Harmony Yoga, 1955 Pauline Blvd, Suite 100B. $15. 734.646.9368. [map]
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November 2012
 7 p.m. 

Better Walking: Michigan Feldenkrais.

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Walking is a highly complex activity that we often take for granted. It is such a fundamental and important activity, yet many people struggle with walking. Injury, surgery, difficulties with balance, a sedentary lifestyle, and neurological problems may all contribute make walking more difficult.
In this 8-week class series you will:
• Improve your balance - an essential component of smooth, easy, pain-free walking.
• Improve the mobility of your hips and ankles to reduce strain on the legs.
• Coordinate the movement of your hips and shoulders for efficiency, power, and balance.
• Learn to use your hips and pelvis to make walking a more effortless action.
Ann Arbor Rec & Ed - Preschool and Family Center, 2775 Boardwalk Street. $95. 734.646.9368. [map]
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