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Tuesday August 04, 2015
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Calendar of Events

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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 8 a.m.-6 p.m.  Free! 

The Henkel Physicians: A Family's Life in Letters: National Library of Medicine.

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The Henkel Physicians: A Family's Life in Letters features the National Library of Medicine's collection of the family correspondence of a remarkable family of doctors in 19th century Virginia. The letters document the working lives of the Henkel physicians as they share medical cases, professional rivalries and the experience of the Civil War.
Taubman Health Sciences Library, 1135 Catherine St. Free. [map]
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 9-10 a.m.  Free! 

Ele's Place "Tour of the Heart": Ele's Place.

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Join us for one hour non-denominaltion Ele's Place "Tour of the Heart" to learn first-hand how our weekly activity based peer support groups for grieving children,teens and families help to heal broken hearts. To register for the Tour, to inquire about Traveling Tour of the Heart to bring to your place of education, work, worship or fellowship, or for further information or questions about our resources and services, please email: ggreenspan@elesplace. org or call: 734 929-6640
Firstr Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 4001 Ann Arbor-Saline Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103. Free. 734 929-6640. [map]
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 9 a.m. 

Medical Terminology & Body Systems - April 3 - June 5, 2013: UMHS Interpreter Services.

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Mastering complex medical terms can be hard. UMHS Interpreter Services' Medical Terminology and Body Systems course makes it easier.
This 40-hour course is ideal for medical interpreters, medical professionals, and anyone interested in learning the basics of medical science. The course teaches the Word Building Technique, which helps you decipher medical terms by dividing them into three basic parts: the prefix, root and suffix. By learning common prefixes, suffixes, and root words, you can easily make sense of even the most complex terms. It's a quick, efficient and amazingly easy way to learn medical terminology.
Medical Terminology and Body Systems is open to everyone. It is language neutral, and all materials and instructions are presented in English. If you're a medical interpreter, the course is an ideal way to prepare for the National Certification exam and/ or to earn continuing education hours.
UMHS Interpreter Services, 2025 Traverwood Drive, Suite A4. $280. 734-936-7021. [map]
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 9:30 a.m. & 1 p.m.  Free! 

Preschool Storytimes: Saline District Library.

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Every Tues.-Fri., Mar. 12-Apr. 26. Storytimes for "2s & 3s" accompanied by a caregiver (Tues. & Thurs. 9:30 a.m.), "On My Own," age 3 and up with or without a caregiver (Wed. 1 p.m. & Thurs. 10:30 a.m.), family story time (Tues. 10:30 a.m. & 7 p.m., Wed. 9:30 a.m.), and "Book Babies" for the under-2 set accompanied by a caregiver (Fri. 10:15 & 11:15 a.m.).
Various times, SDL, 555 N. Maple, Saline. Free. Preregistration required. 429-5450. [map]
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 9:45-11:15 a.m. 

Conversational French Class: Ann Arbor Senior Center.

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This advanced class is for those who possess a strong foundation for conversing in French and wish to interact with others in the language. During our class time we discuss a variety of topics and advance our knowledge of Francophone culture through French literature, film, and song. If you are interested in joining the class mid-session, pro-rating options are available. Wednesdays from 9:45 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. Current session: March 6 - April 24.
Ann Arbor Senior Center, 1320 Baldwin Avenue. Entire 8-week session: $50 Ann Arbor Senior Center members, $60 non-members. (734) 794-6250. [map]
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 10-11:30 a.m. 

Glimpses of Insight in Story-OLLI Study Group: Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at U-M (50+).

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Stories are windows to insights and revelations of our lives. We will read and discuss sections of several books, looking for insight and breakthroughs of spirit. They will include: "The Wind in the Willows" by Kenneth Grahame (Chapter 7), "The Last Battle" by C.S. Lewis, "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery (Section XXI) and selections from class members. Abby Wilson has taught adults on a wide range of subjects, from the Lamaze method to leadership development. She is retired clergy in the United Church of Christ.
Class meets Wednesdays, April 3 - April 24
Trinity Lutheran Church, 1400 W. Stadium Blvd. $35. 734-998-9351. [map]
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 10 a.m.-noon  Free! 

"Make Way for Spring--School Break Getaway": U-M Matthaei Botanical Gardens.

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Apr. 1-5. For kids accompanied by a parent. Apr. 1: "Who Are You Fooling?" A Chance to make paper masks, play games, and find out which plants play tricks. Apr. 2: "Self-Guided Activity Day." Adventure backpacks provide kids with several ideas and materials for activities to do throughout the gardens. Apr. 3: "Sketchbook Detectives," a chance to sketch various plants and look for clues hidden throughout the conservatory. Apr. 4: "Is It Spring Yet?" A hike to look for signs of spring. Followed by hot cocoa and a chance to make a cocoa blend to take home. Apr. 5: "Windowsill Wonders," a chance to make a windowsill herb garden.
10 a.m.-noon, Matthaei, 1800 N. Dixboro. $5 (except Apr. 2, free). 647-7600. [map]
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 10 a.m.-4 p.m. 

"ScienceFest: Galactic Getaway": Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum.

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Apr. 1-7. Hands-on activities for kids.
10 a.m.-4 p.m. (except Sun., noon-4 p.m.), AAHOM, 220 E. Ann. $10 regular admission (members & kids under age 2, free). 995-5439. [map]
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 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 & 3:30 p.m. 

U-M Natural History Museum Planetarium Shows.

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Every Sat. & Sun. Two different audiovisual planetarium shows.

The Sky Tonight (11:30 a.m. Sat. & 1:30 p.m. both days) is an exploration of the current night sky.

Flight Adventures (Sat. 12:30 p.m & Sun. 2:30 p.m.) is an audiovisual show examining the science of flight through the eyes of a young girl and her grandfather as they explore how birds, kites, planes, and models fly and learn about the history and future of human flight.
Various times, Natural History Museum, 1109 Geddes at North University. $5. 764-0478. [map]
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 11:45 a.m.-1 p.m. 

Chris Wechner - 3 Free and Easy Ways to Create Online Videos: LA2M - Marketing Education.

  community member   < less LA2M - Marketing Education

How would you like to be able to create videos, for free, after watching a 30 minute presentation? It sounds good and is true!
Video marketing is a terrific way to market a business online, but many business owners-especially small businesses-don't understand how to make a video. Not only do they think it's hard, but they also think that they can't afford it; it costs a lot of money. But business owners can afford free.
Chris Wechner of The Ultimate Analyst online marketing company, will share, at least 3 ways to create free, easy to make videos. In addition, he'll provide a live demonstration by creating those videos directly in front of the audience-all within the short presentation.
Chris Wechner is the Director of Marketing for The Ultimate Analyst.
Conor O'Neill's, 318 S. Main Street. Donation. 734-272-4698. [map]
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 Noon-1 p.m.  Free! 

"The Ghost Hunters of Southeastern Michigan": Kempf House Museum.

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SouthEast Michigan Ghost Hunters Society (Lansing) members discuss the findings of their recent investigation at the Kempf House and at other historic properties in our region.
7 p.m., Kempf House, 312 S. Division. Admission $5. 994-4898. [map]
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 Noon-12:30 p.m.  Free! 

Chime Concert: Kerrytown Shops.

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Every Wed., Fri., & Sat. All invited to play one of 100 songs, with melodies transcribed in numbers, on the 17-bell chime's numbered keys. Ambitious players can add chords.
10:30-11 a.m. (Sat.) & noon-12:30 p.m. (Wed. & Fri.), Kerrytown Market & Shops. Free. 369- 3107. [map]
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 12:30-2 p.m. 

Intermediate French Class: Ann Arbor Senior Center.

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If you possess a beginner's understanding of the French language and would like to improve your speaking abilities, this intermediate French class is for you. In a small group setting, we will provide you with the tools to strengthen both your grammatical and conversational skills. We will also explore Francophone language and culture through a variety of books and films. If you are interested in joining the class mid-session, pro-rating options are available. Wednesdays from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Current session: March 6 - April 24.
Ann Arbor Senior Center, 1320 Baldwin Ave. Entire 8-week session: $50 for Ann Arbor Senior Center members, $60 for non-members. (734) 794-6250. [map]
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 1-3 p.m. 

A Short History of Nearly Everything-OLLI Study Group: Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at U-M (50+).

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This popular class will be held again to describe how science informs us about our world. We will read and discuss the title book by Bill Bryson, which traces the development of the universe, the growing diversity of life and the development of human beings and society. This book provides a rare chance to learn the fundamentals of science in simple terms. Please read 62 pages for the first class. The course leader is Marlin Ristenbatt, retired Electrical Engineer and science enthusiast. Dick Chase, a career physicist will be our guest expert.
Class meets Wednesdays, April 3 - May 22.
University Commons, 817 Asa Gray, Ann Arbor, 48105. $40. 734-998-9351. [map]
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 2-3:30 p.m.  Free! 

"Rain Cloud Mobiles": Ann Arbor District Library.

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Craft activity for adults & teens in grade 6 & up. Supplies provided.
2-3:30 p.m., AADL multipurpose room (lower level), 343 S. Fifth Ave. Free. 327-8301. [map]
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 3 p.m. 

"Lore": Michigan Theater.

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(Cate Shortland, 2012). Drama set in WWII Germany about a young woman who leads her siblings on a journey that exposes them to the truth of their parents' beliefs. German, subtitles.
Michigan Theater. Tickets: $10 (children under 12, students with ID, seniors age 55 & older, & U.S. veterans, $8; MTF members, $7.50; films before 6 p.m., $7)., 668-TIME. [map]
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 3 & 8 p.m. 

"33 Variations": Purple Rose Theatre Company.

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Every Wed.-Sun., Mar. 28-June 1. See review. Guy Sanville directs Moisés Kaufman's drama that shifts between Beethoven in 19th-century Austria, obsessing over a commission he can't complete, and a present-day musicologist who struggles to understand both her daughter and the mystery behind Beethoven's oft overlooked Diabelli Variations. Cast: Michelle Mountain, Melanie Reihing, Michael Brian Ogden, Richard McWilliams, David Bendena, Daniel Britt, Rhiannon Ragland.
8 p.m. (Wed.-Sat.), 3 p.m. (Wed., Sat., & May 30), & 2 p.m. (Sun.), Purple Rose Theatre, 137 Park St., Chelsea. Mar. 28-Apr. 4 previews: Tickets $22 (Wed. & Thurs.), $27 (Fri. eve. & weekend matinees), $32 (Sat. eve.). After Apr. 4: Tickets $27 (Wed. & Thurs.), $37 (Fri. eves. & weekend matinees), & $42 (Sat. eves.) in advance at, and by phone. 433-7673. [map]
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 3:30, 6:05, & 8:45 p.m. 

"Love and Honor": Michigan Theater.

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(Danny Mooney, 2013). When a young soldier in Vietnam gets dumped by his girlfriend, he and his best friend decide to go AWOL to get her back.
Michigan Theater. Tickets: $10 (children under 12, students with ID, seniors age 55 & older, & U.S. veterans, $8; MTF members, $7.50; films before 6 p.m., $7)., 668-TIME. [map]
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 4 p.m. 

U-M Baseball vs. CMU.

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4 p.m., Ray Fisher Stadium. $5 (youths age 12 & under, $3; U-M students, free). 764-0247.
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 6-8 p.m.  Free! 

Saline Woodcarvers.

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Carvers of all abilities invited to work on projects, with help available from club members. Knives and block-out and rough-cut patterns available for sale.
6-8 p.m., Saline Area Senior Center, 7190 N. Maple, Saline. Free. 944-1918. [map]
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 6:30-8:30 p.m. 

31 Years with Ari Weinzweig": Zingerman's Delicatessen.

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The Zingerman's cofounder tells stories about and discusses and offers taste samples of some of the deli's staple products.
6:30-8:30 p.m., Zingerman's Events on Fourth, 415 N. Fourth Ave. $45. Space limited; reservations required. 663-3400. [map]
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 6:30 p.m. 

Bingo: Saline American Legion.

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6:30 p.m., American Legion Hall, 320 W. Michigan Ave., Saline. $1 for hard cards (book of 10 games, $7). 429-7310. [map]
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 6:30-8:30 p.m.  Free! 

Huron Valley Ambulance Behind the Scenes.

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HVA Behind the Scenes offers insider's view of EMS

Interested in a behind the scenes look at Huron Valley Ambulance? If so, register for HVA Behind the Scenes, a free interactive 6-week program where participants explore what it takes to provide quality emergency medical services to HVA's multi-county service area.

HVA Behind the Scenes participants learn how 9-1-1 medical calls are dispatched, train in the latest first aid and CPR techniques, and visit Pittsfield Public Safety for an up close look at fire and police operations. Additional HVA Behind the Scenes activities include:
• a tour of the HVA facility, including the 9-1-1 Communication Center
• training for American Heart Association Heartsaver and First Aid Certifications
• demonstrations of the life-saving skills HVA paramedics use in emergencies
HVA Behind the Scenes runs for six consecutive Wednesday evenings starting April 3 through May 8 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at HVA's headquarters located at 1200 State
HVA Headquarters, 1200 State Circle. Free. (734) 477-6781. [map]
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 6:30-7:30 p.m. 

One FREE Ladies Only Zumba Class (new clients): Peachy Fitness.

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Peachy Fitness offers one FREE ladies only Zumba class to new clients. No gym membership is required. We offer class packages and student discounts.
Gretchen's House, 2625 Traver Blvd. 734-681-0477. [map]
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 6:30-10:30 p.m. 

"Francesca da Rimini": Quality 16.

  Ann Arbor Observer tree logo   < less “Francesca da Rimini”

Opera production of Riccardo Zandonai's 1914 opera, inspired by an episode from Dante's Inferno, a spirited melodrama about doomed adulterers known for its ravishing melodies Stars Eva-Maria Westbroek and Marcello Giordani. The broadcast is reprised on tape Apr 3 & 4 (see listings).
Various times, Quality 16, 3686 Jackson. Tickets $23 (seniors, $20; kids age 12 & under & students, $13.50) in advance at and at the door. 623-7469. [map]
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 7 p.m. 

"Moneyball": Michigan Theater Foundation.

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Bennett Miller's 2011 film adaptation of Michael Lewis's bestseller about the Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane's efforts to field a winning team in 2002. Brad Pitt. After the screening, U-M physics professor Brad Orr answers questions about the physics of baseball.
7 p.m., Michigan Theater. $10 (children under 12, students with ID, seniors age 55 & older, & U.S. veterans, $8; MTF members, $7.50.) 668-TIME. [map]
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 7 p.m.  Free! 

"Balthazar Korab: Architect of Photography": a2 modern.

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University of Minnesota architecture professor John Comazzi discusses this celebrated 20th century architecture photographer.
7 p.m., UMMA Auditorium, 525 S. State. Free. 255-3959. [map]
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 7 p.m.  Free! 

"Constantine the Emperor": Nicola's Books.

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U-M classical studies professor David Potter reads from and discusses his new biography of Constantine that Publishers Weekly calls "vividly detailed and energetically told." Signing.
7 p.m., Nicola's, 2513 Jackson, Westgate shopping center. Free. 662-0600. [map]
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 7-10 p.m. 

"Sepp Holzer in Michigan: The Rebel Farmer Returns": Zingerman's Roadhouse.

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Chef Alex Young is joined by this Austrian ecological farming and permaculture pioneer to host a full-course meal eco-friendly recipes. Also, a short movie highlighting the practices and methods that got Holzer fined and threatened with prison. Q&A.
7-10 p.m., Zingerman's Roadhouse, 2501 Jackson. $100 (beverages not included). Space limited; reservations required. 663-FOOD. [map]
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 7:30 p.m.  Free! 

"Enter the Void": Tugg Films.

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Screening of Gaspar Noe's 2009 fantasy about a drug dealer who reads the Tibetan Book of the Dead, suddenly dies, then observes the dramas of his friends and foes from the Bardo realm.
7:30 p.m., Michigan Theater. $11 in advance at and at the door. The screening takes place only if enough advance tickets are sold by Mar. 24. 668-TIME. [map]
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 8 p.m. 

The Tartan Terrors: The Ark.

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Dubbed "North America's premier Celtic Event," this Canadian septet blends rousing bagpipe-driven Celtic music and Highland dance with comic mayhem.
8 p.m., The Ark, 316 S. Main. $15 in advance at the Michigan Union Ticket Office ( and at the door. To charge by phone, call 763-TKTS. [map]
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 9-11 p.m. 

Open Dancing: Swing Ann Arbor.

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Every Wed. Swing dancing to recorded music. No partner needed. Bring casual or nicer shoes that stay on your feet when you're active. Preceded at 8 p.m. by a lesson. Followed at 11 p.m. by "Late Night @ Silvio's" swing dancing (see Nightspots).
9-11 p.m., Michigan League Vandenberg Room (Apr. 3) & Michigan Union Pendleton Room (Apr. 10, 17, & 24). $5 (students, $4; $1 discount for members). 945-8428. [map]
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