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a portion of West Quad

West Quad

I Spy: December 2017

by Sally Bjork

From the January, 2018 issue

"The lamp [pictured] is outside the main entrance to West Quad on Thompson Street," writes David Frye, referring to December's feature. "Darth Vader was a former resident" adds David Karl. "I mean James Earl Jones," he clarifies--the 1955 U-M alum. "I knew it was a campus building familiar to me," shares Mike McGraw, who began riding his bike "through campus in 1968." "One of my undergraduate haunts," writes Jessi Kittel. "It drove me crazy until I found it," says Annemarie Stoll.

West Quad was built in part with funds from the federal Works Progress Administration.

The "first unit was the Allen-Rumsey house finished in 1937," writes Frye. The remainder was "completed in 1939 with nearly a million in grant money," says Pamela Kittel. Eric Sobocinski, who hadn't been aware of the New Deal connection, wrote, "Thanks for the tidbit."

We received seventeen entries in December; fifteen correctly identified the lamp on Thompson St. "Couldn't miss this," writes our random drawing winner, Susan Pollans. "My husband, Alan Levy, was the director of West Quad during the early and mid 1980s." Susan will enjoy her $25 gift certificate at Downtown Home & Garden.


To enter this month's contest, use the photo and clue on the Back Page and send your answer to the address at the bottom of the page    (end of article)

[Originally published in January, 2018.]


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