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Wednesday September 20, 2017
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Stop Sign at Oakbrook

Question Corner: August 2017

by Tim Athan

From the August, 2017 issue

Q. On Northbrook next to the old Office Depot, there is a stop sign at Oakbrook. Does the left lane turn left only? Is the lane to enter straight into Oakbrook condos in the right lane? There have never been any arrow indicators painted on the road.

A. Northbrook Place south of Oakbrook has two lanes, while there is just one lane north of Oakbrook. As our questioner noted, there was no indication of which lane has the right-of-way to continue straight.

The Observer contacted the city via A2 Fix It (which is available as both a mobile app and a link on the city's website). The city installed signs and pavement markers to direct through traffic to the right lane. "We hope this will make it easier to maneuver the intersection," they emailed.    (end of article)


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