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Thursday September 21, 2017
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Stick to the Beer



Sandwiches ranged from edible to downright unpalatable. The seared shaved roast beef in the Corner Brew melt was delicious, but we eat with our eyes too, and the bright orange cheddar-ale sauce poured over it looked like molten Velveeta. Hamburgers, ordered medium, were overcooked, though the buns were delicious. I'd give the burgers, from Michigan-raised grass-fed cattle, another try; the Corner cooks may need to adjust their technique, because this type of beef cooks more quickly. My Reuben had the opposite problem--it hadn't been cooked long enough to melt the cheese, which might have melded the flavors of the good-quality corned beef and crunchy sauerkraut. The loaded grilled cheese sandwich was simply awful--gummy cheese and banana peppers between cold toast. Yet the breads were top-notch; nearly all are provided by Ed's Bread in Saline or River Street Bakery in Ypsilanti.

One night, four of us ordered an entree Southwest salad to split, but once I brought it to the table no one wanted to try it. The gray seitan strips and aging romaine were unappealing; the other vegetables promised by the menu description--tomatoes, onions, and green peppers--were AWOL; the dressing was sort of pink; and the whole thing was covered with lots of little bits of tortilla chips that looked like they'd been shaken out of the bottom of the bag. A plate of quesadillas turned out to be pretty good, with gooey hot cheese layered between flour tortillas and a dab of thick sour cream and chunky salsa on the side.

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