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Saturday September 23, 2017
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Seva reviewed



I was tempted to order the decadent enchiladas calabaza filled with butternut squash and cream cheese, a comfort food I've loved in the past and that's now billed as "Seva's best seller!" Instead, I chose the spinach and mushroom enchiladas, thinking they would be similar but less rich. Wrong. They came covered in a tasty but thick sour cream sauce that quickly congealed unattractively. I enjoyed one enchilada with the shredded lettuce and onion side salad but got a take-home box for the other (and couldn't believe how heavy it was).

My younger son's three blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup were each nearly as big as his head. He couldn't finish them, but I blame the yam fries and smoothie that came first. He rallied to nibble at the dense vegan chocolate cake we shared for dessert. It was OK and had a lovely bright mint garnish but certainly is not the best chocolate dessert around.

A vegan chocolate mousse on our next visit was similarly so-so, more syrupy than dense. "Why didn't they just call it chocolate pudding?" a friend wondered. It also launched our somewhat clueless server into a mad dash through the kitchen and beyond as she tried to determine if it was gluten free, at my friend's request. The trusty ingredient list was not to be found.

One of the specials was little short of miraculous. The savory vegan pot pie with oven-roasted winter vegetables had such a rich brown gravy that I didn't miss the meat at all. Big chunks of mushroom structured the potato-chunked filling, and the flaky top crust reminded me you don't need butter to make great pie crust.

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