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Wednesday May 24, 2017
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Sarah Dunant



innocence that, as she says in one of Dunant's many tongue-in-cheek lines, "I had never even seen a public execution."

Fiammetta Bianchini, the heroine of Dunant's new book, In the Company of the Courtesan, is only five years older than Alessandra and shares many of her qualities, but is far from innocent: "By my first confession I already knew things I couldn't tell the priest." Fiammetta is a prostitute. But no common lady of the night is she — Fiammetta is a courtesan. She does not simply service the physical desires of the rich and powerful: her elegant house is part brothel but also part literary and artistic salon and part gourmet restaurant.

Courtesan is told in the voice of Bucino Teodoldi, Fiammetta's pimp. But he too is no ordinary procurer. Bucino is a dwarf whose strikingly ugly visage masks, from those not willing to look more closely, a lively curiosity and intelligence — plus plenty of street smarts. Fiammetta, of course, is stunningly beautiful — Bucino takes half a page just to describe the glory of her hair — but, like him, she thinks fast on her feet and has a great deal of courage, and the two of them are true equals and fiercely loyal to each other. They need all her beauty, his determination, and their combined cunning, courage, and loyalty simply to survive Dunant's first chapter, which begins on May 6, 1527, the day of the Second Sack of Rome.

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