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Tuesday October 17, 2017
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Performance reviews

Verbal firefighting

by Patrick Dunn

From the October, 2013 issue

The jobs website Indeed. com provides a forum for workers to review previous employers--or, for Ann Arbor company Ipanema Solutions, a staging ground for a verbal firefight between disgruntled workers and their ex-bosses. Ipanema, a hospitality technology provider, has just four reviews on Indeed, but three of them are flamingly hostile. In the lengthiest entry, an anonymous poster says Ipanema "ruined" his life and criticizes a manager who "publicly berates subordinates" about their "body shape, mental fitness, and previous military service."

Ipanema founder Steve Tutino says that his HR staff wrote two responses to the negative reviews to defend the company's reputation. "Our customers like us," Tutino says. "There's three reviews out on that say I'm the Antichrist. I've probably got ex-girlfriends that would say the same thing." Tutino says the person who claimed Ipanema ruined his life later asked to return to the company, and that his remarks about military service were "taken out of context." "I told this guy he did not act like a Marine," Tutino says. "When you show up late, you can't claim to be a Marine." The poster could not be reached for comment.

Tutino says he has no problem with the forum Indeed provides, because it's just "another element of information" for prospective employees. "If a guy says I steal cars for a living and it's not true, that's one thing," he says. "But if they say that was their experience, well, that's their experience."    (end of article)

[Originally published in October, 2013.]


On November 4, 2014, wrote:
The negative comments about the owner are 110% true. He is verbally and mentally abusive from Day 1. Don't do business with him, and don't EVER work for him!

On November 4, 2014, wrote:
Wow, the Universe works in mysterious ways. I quit this company today after only 7 days of employment on the day this is re-posted. What's worse, my experience with the owner was just as awful as the few that have commented. How angry I am that I felt there was irreparable damage to the employer/employee relationship in under a week's time. Bullying is for losers, Steve. Pushing someone down will never help you reach the top. Lesson learned; should have done my review research prior to signing on. What a shame...

On January 22, 2015, wrote:
"I've probably got ex-girlfriends that would say the same thing." Way to deflect, Steve. Everyone needs to read the online reviews. THEY are 100% accurate.

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