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Obama logo Ann ARbor 2012

Peaceable Obama

Pins and bumper stickers at the PK

by Eve Silberman

From the July, 2012 issue

Carol Lopez, feisty owner of Peaceable Kingdom, is taking some flack for selling Obama pins and bumper stickers while offering nothing promoting the other guy. But Lopez, who opened her store in the Age of Aquarius (aka 1971), sees no need to apologize for shilling for the Dems (the money goes to the Washtenaw party). "It's my store," she says flatly. "I'm not Meijer's."

The Obama merchandise sits prominently near the cash register of the store where whimsy (wind-up toys, unusual greeting cards) and craftwork (Japanese ceramics, an occasional small sculpture of Buddha) meet. In two months, Lopez figures she's sold almost all of the 100 Obama/Democrat buttons she was given. Lopez says customers annoyed by her partisanship seem "less hostile" this time around. When she first sold Obama promotional items four years ago, there was some "real nastiness," she says. She's since honed her response. Recently, when someone asked where the Romney buttons were, she deadpanned, "They sold out. They go fast. Ann Arbor is a bastion of Republicanism."    (end of article)

[Originally published in July, 2012.]


On July 17, 2012, artparker wrote:
Great local color piece by the ArborWeb team. Another reason the Observer site beats the formulaic and boring every time!

On July 17, 2012, Barry wrote:
This is surprising that a business owner does not understand what President Obama is trying to do to her and her business.

If she knew, she would be support somebody else!

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