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Saturday October 21, 2017
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Jonathan Lethem




to ignore. A couple of years ago he was even awarded one of the MacArthur "genius" grants. He knows Brooklyn about as well as anyone, and Motherless Brooklyn and The Fortress of Solitude, his last two novels, both take place there.

But now he's back with something different. You Don't Love Me Yet is a much thinner and quicker novel about a California rock band just about ready to make it but not quite over the professional divide. The band members still have day jobs as zoo attendants, in marginal avant-garde art studios, or as clerks in porn shops. Their Los Angeles, although it possesses the expected surface glitter, isn't nearly as alive as Lethem's Brooklyn. Perhaps that's an indication of Lethem's real imaginative allegiance, but one could argue that it's a true picture of the place where these characters almost live.

In the best scene in the book, Lethem describes the band's one brilliant performance, at a party staged as a kind of alternative art experience. One of the attendees observes, "You weren't sure what anything had to do with anything else, but cool people were certainly involved." And that's reason enough for just about any of the actions in the book. Cool people are involved.

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