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Thursday October 19, 2017
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Jehovah's Witness...



attitude. Anthony's guitar work is fast and rough, and he makes use of foot pedals to create riff loops to either play over top of or take a break from playing all together. Jehan, meanwhile, does little more than beat the crap out of his drum kit with wild but astute ferocity. That's the band in a gist, but a JWPP show is much more involved.

They take the stage at Woodruff's with beers in hand. It's been a long night of music, and the JWPP's set is starting after midnight. Before any music is played, a shot arrives for Anthony. "I don't want to do it by myself," he mumbles to no one in particular, before turning to the audience and asking, "Who wants to go buy a shot and do it with me?" He asks several more times, until finally a shot partner materializes and the alcohol is deposited. JWPP then jumps into a fast-paced punkish song that involves the lyric "I want to fight," which eventually breaks down to Anthony just yelling "Fight!" while pumping his fist into the air. The effect is immediate. The crowd loves it, and wild dancing ensues.

The second song sounds like some sort of mixture of psychedelic grunge and punk with humor. Anthony sings a lyric comparing eyes to lasers, his own eyes bugging out of a face that appears to be a strange cross between Jerry Garcia and Charles Manson. His guitar riff has been looped, and he eventually puts the guitar down to concentrate fully on his screeching vocals. After the song, he takes another shot (this time he has no qualms about taking it solo) and makes a shocking announcement: "We're gonna play another ten minutes, but that's the best we got." He even mentions that perhaps it's a good time to catch a smoke break.

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