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Sunday October 22, 2017
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Gregory Stovetop



To borrow my mother's lament on how quickly I used to go through a pair of shoes, I'd have to say Stovetop "wears his guitar hard." His energetic strumming, often overlaid with fancy, melodic finger work, squeezes every bit of volume and verve from his instrument. At a recent performance, he started out with a borrowed guitar after breaking a string on his own during the sound check . . . and then broke another string early in his set.

Endless gusto can be a bit much in a show if there's no counterpoint of quieter numbers. At times Stovetop is a little, well, over the top. Even so, many of his tunes adopt a bolero style that starts quiet and slow and gradually rises in intensity and speed, finishing with repetitive, driving rhythmic lines. And his sheer enthusiasm for his developing craft begs indulgence. Add to this his boyish pink cheeks and mop of unruly hair, and you'll find it easy to root for Stovetop as a Tom Sawyer- meets-Richie Havens character.

His vocal style is equally earnest. The first thing you'll likely notice is a tendency to bleat out notes, rather like a lamb or gurgling brook. I'm not talking vibrato here, just a singing style that seems to bubble forth uncontrollably. He can also draw out a single vowel, changing its shape several times on his way to whisper-singing the end of the word.

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