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Sunday September 24, 2017
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Capital Partnership



When Nub sold GT Products, his son was about as far from the Ann Arbor business world as possible. Matt Turner earned his bachelor's in economics at U-M in 1995 and went into the automotive industry, where he made friends in the racing world. He raced in Daytona, China, and Britain before signing a three-year contract as a driver for Porsche. After only a year, Porsche opted out of the agreement on September 11, 2001. "That's when I knew I didn't need to be a racing car driver," Matt says. "I wanted to go join the Marines, I wanted to join the FBI, I wanted to go kick some ass."

Although he applied to work at several embassies in Europe (and turned down an offer to be Zimbabwe strongman Robert Mugabe's driver), Matt ended up studying business. He earned an MBA from Webster University Vienna and a master's in finance from the International University of Monaco before returning to take the reins of the Amherst Fund.

Nub says the difference between his approach and Matt's reflects a changed business world. "Back then a lot of business was transacted on letters and contracts," Nub says. "[An English degree] is a good background for anyone. It still can be. But now that the world is spinning in the rotation it's going into, you'd need to get an MBA like Matt did on top of that."

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