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Monday October 23, 2017
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Arcade TV



Schoch, of Van Boven clothing on State St. has worked in the campus business district for nearly forty years. Last November, he sent a sorrowful letter to the city. "[B]ecause of the reduced number of Police Officers, neighborhood patrols have been terminated," he wrote. "That situation has allowed panhandlers to act with impunity. Others urinate, smoke marijuana and drink alcohol within the confines of Nickels Arcade itself ... this once vibrant business area in Ann Arbor has become, for lack of a better word, 'Seedy.'"

"Seven or eight years ago it got really bad--panhandlers, general vagrant types," says Mike Savitski, whose graphic design firm is on the second floor of the Arcade. It's gotten bad again recently, he thinks, because "people have fallen on hard times." The river of students flowing to and from the Diag--"well-meaning, good-hearted young people with money in their pockets"--draws both homeless people and professional panhandlers to the Arcade.

So at the end of March, Ron White, whose Arch Realty manages the Arcade, installed five video cameras. High up, two barely readable signs advise: "Warning. All activities are recorded on video tape to aid in the prosecution of any crime committed against this facility."

Schoch says he has already gotten complaints from some regulars--regular vagrants, not regular customers--that "big brother is watching." But the cameras seem to be working the magic the retailers had hoped for: Schoch says that even Hash Bash went off without a hitch.

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